Daily Archives: 2019-06-04

No delay in granting permit for Progress Singapore Party launch: Police

There has been no delay in granting Progress Singapore Party (PSP) the necessary permits for its launch, said the police on Mon (3 Jun). TODAY reported the Police as saying in response to media queries that the authorities had also been actively engaging PSP regarding the permits prior to the proposed date of the launch “with the intention of facilitating …

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Netizens outraged by “shoddy” renovation at Teck Ghee Square hawker centre following elderly man’s injuries after falling from disintegrated chair

Only a couple of days after the Teck Ghee Square hawker centre was reopened following a two-month renovation, a photograph depicting a 70-year-old man sitting on the ground after falling from a chair made its rounds online on Sun (2 Jun). Blood can be seen next to the elderly man as a result of the head injuries he had sustained, …

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