Train delays along NSL and CCL on Sunday morning due to power faults

Train service was disrupted on Sunday morning (26 May), twice along the North South Line (NSL), and once along the Circle Line (CCL).

According to the transport operator, SMRT, the disruptions were caused by power faults.

The first train delay occurred for about an hour from 6:39am to 7:23am along the NSL due to a power failure:

Then the Circle Line experienced delay for about half an hour from 7:50am to 8:22am, also caused by power failure:

Four minutes later SMRT posted another tweet informing there was no train services along the NSL, again caused by a power fault:

Finally, at 8:57am, SMRT informed that the train fault along the NSL was cleared; but free buses were still available:

Because these incidents happened on Sunday there were not many posts from passengers on social media platforms, but some unfortunate commuters have to go to work and they commented on Twitter:

Other passengers also commented on Twitter:

(Translation: According to the SMRT, there is a delay of about 30 minutes between the Metro North-North Line Newton and Marina South Pier Station due to power system failure.)

Other commuters tweeted complains:


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