Daily Archives: 2019-05-18

Police took at least 7 years to charge Singapore PR for money laundering

It was reported on Thu (16 May) that Singapore PR, Amos Paul Gabriel, who is a Nigerian was sentenced to three years’ jail and fined S$4,200 for money laundering and other offences. He also pleaded guilty to driving without a licence, and was handed a one-year driving ban. Mr Gabriel was earlier involved in a scheme to swindle Citibank in …

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Does the Fake News Bill carry the weight of moral authority?

I guess it was of no great surprise that the arguably controversial “Fake News Bill” has passed. Despite the valiant attempts of the Workers’ Party (WP) Members of Parliament (MP) to fight against the passing of the bill, they were but a minority in an overwhelmingly Peoples’ Action Party (PAP) dominated Parliament. Many of the concerns that have been raised …

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Redefining democracy and practices for the future of Singapore

by Brad Bowyer Democracy is not just about having a vote it is more about how we operate between the votes and support a healthy Democratic culture. There are two distinct flavours of Democracy, the Western approach that is more individually focused and the Asian approach that emphasises collective harmony over individualism. In either case, the core most tenets of …

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DPM Heng Swee Keat warns public on fake reports using his name to scam people

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Sweet Keat has warned the public on fake reports that have been circulating online misusing his name. In a Facebook post on Friday (17 May), Mr Heng, who is also the Finance Minister, wrote that “many fraudulent reports have been circulating misleading comments attributed to me”. He noted, “One even claimed that I invested in a …

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