Daily Archives: 2019-05-15

WhatsApp rushed to fix security vulnerability exploited by Israeli spyware

WhatsApp discovered a disturbing security breach early this month when they found that dozens of users had been hacked. The Facebook subsidiary found that the hack occurred when one or two missed calls were received from an unfamiliar number, enabling the malicious code was shipped onto their phone via that missed call, without any user intervention. “We are deeply concerned …

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Hyflux saga: Maybank to take over Tuaspring power plant, PUB to take over Tuaspring water desalination plant

Debt-ridden water treatment firm Hyflux will no longer be in charge of its Tuaspring power plant starting this week as Maybank, the company’s largest secured creditor, has appointed receivers and managers from insolvency firm Ferrier Hodgson to seize control of the plant. The Straits Times also reported that the Public Utilities Board, Singapore’s national water agency, will takeover the Tuaspring …

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