Young man standing on road at Clarke Quay refuses to get out of the way, slams hood of car 3 times

If you are a pedestrian attempting to cross the road or hail a cab, what would you do when faced with an oncoming car? Well, the most obvious answer is to simply get out of the way – because safety first, right?

However, two young men begged to differ on that approach.

A dashcam video captured at around 3.40am yesterday (1 May) showed a car travelling along the street outside The Central shopping mall at Clarke Quay.

Half way through the footage, a man was nearly hit by the said car travelling at the left-most lane of the road. Nonetheless, the man stepped out of the way in time as the driver slowed down and later honked.

What transpired after that, however, was something rather abrasive as the driver forcefully brought the car to a halt upon encountering two young men standing at that very lane, stubbornly refusing to make way for the car to carry on.

The driver attempted to signal for them to move aside by flashing the high beam, yet the pair continued to stand their ground.

Adding to the abrasiveness, one of the man, dressed in office attire, proceeded to slam the hood of the car three times. Subsequently, the other man, who was dressed more casually, brushed his companion aside to alleviate the situation, as the video draws to a close.

The video was uploaded by Norman Lee on Facebook page Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road.

Watch the full video here:

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