Daily Archives: 2019-04-21

NUSSU Exco recognises that NUS takes sexual harassment very seriously and urges students not to harass perpetrator in case involving Ms Monica Baey

The executive-committee of the National University of Singapore Student Union (NUSSU Exco), has issued a statement to express its condemnation of any form of sexual harassment, which is a serious community problem that everyone has a responsibility in handling and its regret that Ms Monica Baey, and other victims of sexual harassment, have had to go through such traumatic experiences …

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NUS to convene committee to review the current disciplinary and support frameworks in light of public outcry over how it handled a case of outrage of modesty

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has issued a statement on Saturday, saying that it will convene a committee to review the current disciplinary and support frameworks. This is in response to the allegations by an undergraduate student about the inaction of the school regarding the complaint that another student filmed her at the showers. Ms Monica Baey took to …

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