Train delay along EWL on Wednesday afternoon

A train disruption occurred on Wednesday (10 Apr) evening along the East West Line (EWL).

A passenger tweeted that it was caused by a track fault but another passenger commented on TATA SMRT Facebook that it was due to a Platform Screen Door (PSD) fault at Jurong East; no official announcement was given by the SMRT.

Passengers’ tweets started since 6:20pm:

On TATA SMRT Facebook platform commuters also posted their information:

Yan Yan Jooie wrote at 5:02pm: “Due to a track faults ahead, train delay for 5 mins. Announcement from red line train towards JE. Please take note.”

Wendy Tang wrote at 6:39pm: “Northbound train at JE not moving for 10 mins.”

Not long after a couple passengers informed that the problem seemed to be rectified, trains has moved again:

Sanjay Jaya wrote at 6:44pm: “Problem seems to be rectified. Trains are moving now.”

Kitaro Onefiftyone wrote at 6:52pm: “Yes, this was due to faulty PSD at JE. But now it is okay already.”

But at 7:53pm an angry passenger tweeted that the train frequency at Central Business District was still not normal:


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