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PUB’s recent actions did not influence Salim-Medco’s intention to call off bailout deal: Hyflux

Hyflux has challenged Salim-Medco’s justification for intending to withdraw from its bailout deal with the debt-ridden homegrown water firm. The Business Times (BT) reported Hyflux as saying in response to questions from the Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS) on Tue (26 Mar) that it “has been advised that Salim-Medco cannot rely on the PUB’s termination of the WPA to lawfully …

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POCARI SWEAT teams up with Singapore Athletics for the 2019 SEA Games

POCARI SWEAT, the isotonic beverage developed by Japan’s Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (OPC) today announced the partnership with Singapore Athletics (SA) at a joint press conference ahead of the 81st Singapore Open Track and Field Championships. Underpinned by their corporate philosophy of improving the quality of health worldwide, POCARI SWEAT has been in the forefront of major sports events in …

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“No basis for PUB to utilise taxpayer dollars to offset investor losses”: MEWR, on possible PUB Tuaspring takeover at “zero dollars”

There is no reason why the Public Utilities Board (PUB) should use taxpayer dollars to mitigate the potential losses of investors in homegrown water treatment firm Hyflux, said the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR). Responding to Mothership.sg‘s queries, MEWR said: “All investments carry risks. Businesses can come under financial stress and are not immune to defaults. There …

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In this case, no egg has even been thrown! Why the hoo hah?

Politicians or public figures being egged is never a pleasant experience for the individual who ends up with egg on the face and I am not condoning such acts. That said, it must be noted that the perks of wielding power must be taken alongside the downsides of being in the public eye. On the grander scheme of things, is …

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