Cat Welfare Society has put out an SOS for funds.

The Cat Welfare Society has put out an SOS for funds.

In a Facebook post, the CWS has said that it urgently needs $135,000 to continue funding its sterilisation efforts.

“Pay it forward and help us save our cats. We urgently need $135,000 to continue funding our humane sterilisation efforts and to assist in mediating against the removal of our community cats. Your donation is vital to our survival.”

A check on its annual report for the last financial year also shows that it operated in the red to the tune of about $250,000.

“Over the years, your support have led to over 34,000 cats sterilised since 1999,” it said.

“In 2018, your generous donation enabled CWS to assist with the sterilisation of 6000 cats, a record high. This initiative directly reduces culling rates, which was as high as 10,000 brutally removed from our streets over a decade ago.”

The CWS said that the $135,000 will help keep it going for another six months and will help sterilised another 2200 cats.

“Your support will enable humane decisions and serve as a gentle reminder to be kind to all animals that share this earth with us,” it said.

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