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Authorities treat different protests differently

We all know that staging any protest in Singapore, however peaceful is a potential minefield. There are permits to be gotten and the limits of such permit (if granted) to be considered. There is also the question of what issue the protest is about. Rightly or wrongly, most Singaporeans would likely be of the opinion that any protest (however peaceful) …

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136 suspected drug offenders arrested in latest island-wide operation

A total of 136 suspected drug offenders were arrested in the latest island-wide operation carried out by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) from the morning of 25 February to the morning of 8 March 2019, which saw the seizure of about 3.8kg of heroin, 96g of ‘Ice’, 88g of cannabis, 83g of new psychoactive substance (NPS), a gramme of cocaine, …

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Sub-contractor Stargood Construction owes Shimizu Corp S$540,000, says main contractor

Following the protest held by approximately 30 foreign workers at the old Central Provident Fund tower construction site on Mon (4 Mar) over their unpaid salaries allegedly amounting to S$300,000, main contractor Shimizu Corporation has revealed that its sub-contractor Stargood Construction currently owes the main construction firm around S$540,000. TODAY Online reported on Fri (8 Mar) that contrary to the …

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Watain Ban: Rock music or religious cult against our public order?

by Joe Sekular The band was banned because there were public complaints that alleged the band were known for their satanic views, advocated satanism through their songs, espouses anti-Christian views, endorsed violence, had performances in the past that involved animal carcasses and splatter of pigs blood. According to Wikipedia,“Watain is a Swedish black metal band…..The band have become infamous for …

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