Image from Délifrance Singapore

Délifrance Singapore retail outlets are now halal-certified island-wide

It has been over 30 years since the French café chain Délifrance first set foot in Singapore. From the day their first outlet was opened in Clifford back in 27 March 1985, Délifrance Singapore has carried down the Parisian charm of delectable French bakeries serving authentic French pastries to this day. Their commitment to maintaining the authenticity of French pastries served in Singapore all these years has helped to create a household brand that resonates with many Singaporeans.

With a mission to offer these well-loved French pastries for everyone in Singapore to enjoy, all of Délifrance Singapore’s 18 retail outlets are Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) halal-certified.

All the food products sold in Délifrance Singapore’s retail outlets are halal-certified, produced at halal-certified food manufacturing facilities, and will carry the halal logo and code on the packaging labels. All customers are also welcome to request for proof of certification from the Délifrance Singapore’s retail store manager if they are unsure of the product origins.

Délifrance Singapore’s retail outlets are not owned nor part of Délifrance Wholesale which essentially only produce pre-packed items supplied to supermarkets. Customers are strongly encouraged to check the packaging labels of all the pre-packed Délifrance-branded products at supermarkets, convenience stores and other point of sales outside of Délifrance Singapore’s retail outlets for the halal logo and code.