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Fix diabetes now

by Dr. Aesculapius

500 thousand patients in Singapore being treated for Type 2 diabetes. 99.9% are being treated through pharmaceuticals that only only go so far to treat the symptoms but not address the disease itself. Patients are neither being given vital information nor given the choice for metabolic surgery which is an effective treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.

The doctors and hospitals seem content to carry on with conservative treatment perhaps because it is conservative or otherwise arguably because the patients become assured recurrent revenue. If this is indeed the case this reasoning would be unacceptable. This is not an accusation but a question patients should ask.

I write in response to the letter in the forum by Paul Chan Poh Hoi on 25 Jan 2019.

Diabetes has such a high prevalence that it has attracted a plethora of proposed solutions almost all which do not really work. Drinking more water to fight Diabetes is another such proposal. While we do agree that water is better than any sweet beverage.

There is only one proven scientific option to reverse Diabetes and put the patient in remission or even in some cases to affect a cure.

Surprisingly it has nothing to do with pills insulin, stem cells or transplant. In 2016 the American Diabetes Association published a consensus statement which clearly states that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed by metabolic surgery and that the results of surgery have been shown in every single study to be superior to any type of medical treatment or combination of medical treatment and lifestyle changes.

This is now an undisputed fact. The vast majority of physicians and general practitioners are still fixated on medical treatment and almost never even give their patients a choice. Under the new Montgomery rules of consent taking by which physicians are now required to follow, every Diabetic patient must be told all the options and given a choice.

If doctors do not do this they are totally liable should diabetics develop complications from Diabetes whilst on medical treatment such as going into kidney failure or going blind. The patient could ask why they were not offered the option of surgical reversal which has been shown to reduce the risk of such complications.

It is high time that the medical community promotes the only thing which really works. Medical treatment is mere control of blood sugar levels. It does not reverse or cure anything.

One can understand the economic motive for not telling the consumer because diabetic drug sales are a Trillion dollar business worldwide. Nevertheless it is both immoral and unethical not to let the patients know that remission and cure exist. The treatment is not experimental but scientifically proven.

The situation is the same as tobacco companies not telling their customers that their product causes cancer. For that industry the billion dollar lawsuits are happening. For the pharmaceutical and medical industry they can be assured that the lawsuits will come.

The writer is a doctor who identified himself to TOC but choose to be anonymous publicly.