Lady hit by falling glass door at Alexandra Central Mall run by grassroots leaders

It was recently reported in the media that a lady was hit by a falling glass door at the Alexandra Central Mall on Sunday (24 Feb).

As a result, she suffered multiple serious injuries, including head and liver injuries. She also had multiple fractures along her legs and pelvic bone, which means she will have to undergo surgery to help support and stabilize her spine.

She has been warded at National University Hospital. According to the victim’s sister, the victim would “cry out in agony” every time the painkiller wears off.

Meanwhile, the management of Alexandra Central Mall is reportedly on the hunt for the person who leaked the CCTV footage online. The footage captured the entire episode showing how the glass door fell on the lady.

In a statement to the media, the management of Alexandra Central Mall said that they are in communications with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to ensure that all their doors at the mall are certified safe for operations.

“We have reached out to the victim and family member(s) at the hospital and have offered any assistance if necessary,” it said.

But it also warned, “We have mentioned that firms actions will be taken with regards to the video leak. To further clarify, the point of issue is on the filming of the CCTV footage, which is a breach of PDPA rules and regulations as well as security protocol.”

“The privacy of the victim is to be respected and we take this matter very seriously, especially this incident is now a police case investigation,” it added.

Alexandra Central Mall belongs to Chip Eng Seng Corp

Alexandra Central Mall is a new mall next to IKEA. It is owned by public listed company Chip Eng Seng Corp. According to a 2015 media report, Alexandra Central Mall is the first foray for the company to enter the retail mall business.

In fact, former Chief of Navy and Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew joined Chip Eng Seng’s Board of Directors in 2016, after he stepped down from politics in 2015. He did not want to run for elections anymore.

In an interview with the media as reported by TODAY (12 Aug 2015), when asked why he would not be participating in GE2015, he said, “Well, I think the reasons are in the letter … I think in a sense, as you would know, in transport, I guess also in most ministries … it is all consuming — in time, energy, and focus. So, (it is) to me an opportunity to step down, and step away from politics.”

He sent his resignation letter to PM Lee on 11 Aug 2015, 1 month before the GE. In the letter, he mentioned about the serious setbacks in MRT incidents in his resignation letter, “But we have had some setbacks, including two major disruptions on the NSEW (North-South East-West) lines. Large-scale or prolonged disruptions still happen more frequently than is acceptable.”

When asked by the media if resigning means “goodbye to sleepless nights”, he replied, “Well, at least my phone won’t buzz every time. Because every (transport) delay, every (train) withdrawal comes to me. So I know when (delays are) on the uptrend, because I can monitor it from my phone. So it won’t be buzzing after (this).”

Chip Eng Seng Corp run by grassroots leaders

According to its history, Chip Eng Seng Group is founded by Mr Lim Tiam Seng. He started the business as a building subcontractor. Some of the top management in the company include:

• Mr Lim Tiam Seng, founder and the Group’s Honorary Chairman – Patron of the Yio Chu Kang Citizens’ Consultative Committee and has won several awards for his public service rendered to the nation, comprising The Public Services Stars PBM in 2007 and BBM in 2013.

• Mr Lim Tiang Chuan (brother of Lim Tiam Seng), Executive Deputy Chairman – Patron of Bukit Gombak Community Centre Management Committee.

• Mr Chia Lee Meng Raymond PBM (son-in-law of Lim Tiam Seng), Group CEO – Patron of Nee Soon South Citizens’ Consultative Committee. Mr Chia was also previously awarded The Public Service Stars PBM in 2013 for his public service rendered to the nation.

• Mr Ang Mong Seng, Independent Director – Former MP for Hong Kah GRC (Bukit Gombak).

• Mr Tan Tee How, Executive Director – Former Principal Private Secretary to then PM Goh Chok Tong (1997 to 2000), founding CEO of National Healthcare Group (2000 to 2004), Permanent Secretary of MND (2004 to 2011) and MHA (2011 to 2014), Commissioner of Inland Revenue and concurrently CEO of IRAS (2014 to 2018), currently Deputy Chairman of the Casino Regulatory Authority and a Board member of the National University Health System.

Chip Eng Seng later establishes itself as a leading contractor in HDB public housing construction. It has won many contracts from HDB in the past. It is now also engaged in property developments.