Sam the Samoyed is desperately in need of a new home

Facebook user Shana Yap is looking for a forever home for her late grandfather’s dog, Sam.

Sam the 11-year old Samoyed is maybe getting old, but he remains healthy, friendly, and sweet. Shana’s grandfather passed away two months ago and the family is trying to find a new home for Sam where he can be well cared for in his golden years. A vet estimated that Sam has about a couple more years left in him.

Shana is desperately to find a home for Sam or he will have to be put down. Sam is currently with a pet sitter and only has until March to find a new family to either foster him or adopt.

Here’s Shana’s description of this old pup:

“He’s got a great temperament, super friendly, and low aggression. Being old makes him a little weak in the knees, easily tired and doesn’t require much food or extensively long walks. Although he’s old, he’s remarkably healthy and only needs his eyes & ears cleaned every other day. He could be a little hard of hearing, and a little dumb, with a couple of years to live at most.”

If you’re interested and able to provide a loving home for Sam, please do get in touch with Ruby at 97114761. Ruby is helping Shana to rehome Sam.

We hope Sam finds a new home soon. Pets are part of the family and when a family can no longer care for their pets – whether because the owner has passed like Sam’s owner, or if they can’t take care of their pets anymore – owners should never abandon their animals or put them to sleep. Every animal deserves a chance to be cared for and enjoy their full natural lives.