Online user blasted by netizens for shaming an NSman for chilling at McDonalds instead of training in camp

Local netizens have criticised a ludicrous online user for shaming an NSman on social media for chilling at a McDonalds outlet, instead of training or working in his camp.

The viral post was shared by a Facebook community page called Helloあsia Singapore on Tuesday (19 February).

The online user, whose name was censored in the original Facebook post, uploaded a photo she had secretly taken of an NSman in his uniform, who seems to be looking at something on his phone while eating his McDonalds meal. It appears that the photo was taken at the Lot One Shippers’ Mall at Choa Chu Kang.

Together with the photo, the online user wrote a caption that says, “Wow, army boy now so good life is it? 10am still can sit at Macdonalds relaxing watching movie on his phone or playing games instead of going back to camp to work and/or to train? Looks like he from the airbase.”

She also wondered if MINDEF is reducing their training tempo till this extend where NSmen are seen relaxing without doing their job. Following Singaporean actor and reservist Corporal First Class Aloysius Pang’s death last month, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) had vouched to slow down the pace of its training across all services in order to prioritise the review of safety guidelines within the armed forces.

The online user went on further to question if she can actually trust the army boys to defend Singapore. She wrote, “Not only he expose himself to the public by giving opportunity to would be terrorists or enemies to disturb our nation, it will also create an image that our defence organisation is too slack. Hope MINDEF look into this.”

The post received over 500 comments on Helloあsia Singapore Facebook page and most netizens condemned her for trying to put down the image of a soldier who is clearly just minding his own business.

Although the online user says that the soldier is relaxing without doing this work, but Bryant Chong dismisses her claim. He said the online user don’t even know what she is talking about as the NSman in McDonalds is from his formation and he is most likely a security trooper. “Our duty schedule is shift based. So our book in timing is usually during or after lunch time. He just had his weekend off, and this week he will be doing his weekend duty. Will you wanna be in his shoes and stay in over this weekend?” Chong explained.

Besides Chong, many other netizens bombarded her for shaming an innocent soldier, and felt that nothing is wrong for him to eat at McDonalds.


Some netizens even went the extra mile to identify the original post of the online user, and dug up her personal information to be shared online.