Daily Archives: 2019-02-19

Brad Bowyer: Budget 2019 is a sham

by Brad Bowyer So, first impressions on the budget… Does little to nothing but reveals much. Let’s start with workfare “benefiting” 440,000. Really? What this shows is the government allows employers to pay workers below the cost of living and is then stepping in with public funds to cover the difference for a massive 20% of the workforce so who …

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Mikhy Brochez faces trespassing charges in the US, claims Singapore Government interfering in the case

Mikhy Brochez, who is accused of leaking confidential information of 14,2000 individuals living with HIV from Singapore’s HIV Registry, appeared in court in Kentucky, US to face trespassing charges. He told the judge that he believes the Singapore government may be interfering in the case. Mr Brochez arrived without an attorney at a Clark Country District Court in Winchester, Kentucky …

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ST: Singaporeans from older folk and young people give thumbs-up to budget

After the Budget 2019 announcement by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat yesterday (18 Feb), ST wrote an article today saying that Singaporeans from older folk to young people are giving the thumbs-up to the budget (‘Budget gets thumbs-up from older folk and young people‘, 19 Feb). Yesterday, Minister Heng announced the $1.1 billion “feel good” Bicentennial Bonus for Singaporeans. Some …

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