Photo credit: Shopee

Customers resorted to directly exchange their EZ-Charms with each other after EZ-Link and Shopee screwed up their orders

After EZ-Link and Shopee screwed up the orders of the limited-edition tokidoki character EZ-Charms, customers resorted to directly exchange their items with each other on Facebook.

On 7 February, EZ-Link teamed up with Shopee and launched two brand-new EZ-Charms in tokidoki characters – Donutella and Mermicornos. To get hold of these adorable charms, customers had to place their order on EZ-Link’s official store on Shopee, and out of goodwill, the charms were mailed to the customers for free.

Unfortunately, a blunder occurred when the products were tagged wrongly, resulting to customers receiving the wrong EZ-Charms. This has caused a major flare-up and in an attempt to fix the situation, EZ-Link wrote an apology for the incorrect shipment on their Facebook page and requested their customers to reach out to Shopee to exchange their items.

However, customers opted to switch their products with other buyers on the Facebook thread itself. Rather than seeking help from Shopee to solve the issue, they took matter in their own hands and exchanged the items with fellow netizens.

According to Eunice Lek, Shopee screwed up her order for the second time when she received her exchange item.

EZ-Charms work like any other EZ-Link card where users will have to credit money into the charms and will only have to tap it at the reader. It can be used on MRT trains, taxis and retail places that accept EZ-Link payment.