A “Sorry” that has little meaning

by Lim Tean

Ng Eng Hen apologised in Parliament today for the deaths of the 4 NS men during training in the last 17 months.

This “Sorry” comes too late in the day to mollify the anger of Singaporeans for the loss of our Singapore sons.

Where was he, Lee Hsien Loong or Halimah Yacob when Singaporeans grieved over the recent tragic death of Aloysius Pang. None of them saw it fit to attend the wake of Aloysius Pang or to express more sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family of Aloysius Pang and to the Nation.

There are times when the collective conscience of a Nation comes together and we grieve as One. Aloysius Pang’s death was one of those moments and this is not to downplay the deaths of other NS men during training. At such times, the Nation needs to hear from the relevant Minister, Prime Minister and even the President as the Head of State. Sadly, all of them were missing as the Nation was grieving. Sending Lawrence Wong as the government’s representative was totally inadequate and inappropriate.

Contrast this with another recent bereavement where an army of PAP ministers and former Ministers attended. Are the PAP more interested in serving ordinary Singaporeans or their supporters?

This was first published on Tim Lean’s Facebook page and reproduced with permission.