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Vehicle speed limit for eight-seater passenger cars removed with effect from 1 Feb

The vehicle speed limit for eight-seater passenger cars will be removed with effect from Saturday (1 February) given advancements in vehicle safety standards as part of a review of vehicle speed limits.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced in a press release on Tuesday (28 January) that it will also commence a trial of the revised speed limit for mobile cranes starting from Saturday, following a review of speed limits in other countries.

Currently, eight-seater passenger cars are subject to a vehicle speed limit of 70km/h, whereas other smaller passenger cars do not have vehicle speed limits. The authority stated that with this change, eight-seater passenger cars will only be required to observe the same road speed limits as other passenger cars.

The authority will also commence a trial on Saturday to raised the vehicle speed limit for mobile cranes with laden weight exceeding 24,000kg to 40km/h.

At the moment, mobile cranes with a laden weight of up to 24,000kg have a vehicle speed limit of 40km/h, while mobile cranes with a laden weight exceeding 24,000kg have a vehicle speed limit of 20km/h.

LTA said that it has received feedback from the industry that the speed limit of 20km/h is too low, resulting in longer travelling time on the road which may cause driver fatigue.

The authority noted that this decision takes into account improvements in vehicle technology and design that allow mobile cranes to travel safely at higher speeds, and is also in line with practice in other countries such as Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, where he maximum speed limit for such vehicles is 40-50km/h in Australia, 48km/h in the United Kingdom, and 70km/h in Hong Kong.

LTA stressed that during the trial, all mobile cranes will be required to adhere to the road speed limit or the vehicle speed limit of 40km/h, whichever is lower.

LTA and the Traffic Police (TP) remind all motorists and road users to play their part in keeping the roads safe. Drivers caught speeding will be subject to penalties which may include fines, demerit points, or court prosecution.

Mr Jimmy Chua, Chairman of Singapore Cranes Association said, “We welcome the 6-month trial to increase the travelling speed of mobile cranes. These drivers also have to operate the cranes at the worksite and a slow travelling speed across a long distance may result in driving fatigue and workplace accidents. The SCA will reach out to our members and remind all crane drivers to drive safely at all times.”

However, some netizens stated that they were not familiar with the speed limit before.

Aswat Shariff wrote, “There was such a rule to begin with? Look at how those Alphard/Vellfire travel on the roads.”

Guo Xiongfu wrote, “Since when this rule exist? I am such a nuke. By the way whats the purpose of this news when l have seen mini buses and goods vehicle zooming above 90km on expressway daily.”

Farook Abdul wrote, “You mean there was a limit?? Gee! Thanks!”

Donn wrote, “Didn’t know there’s such rule, boy.”