SingPost apologises for their recent shortcomings but netizens refuse to accept their apology

It has not been a good time for Singapore Post (SingPost). The mail company has been receiving plenty of attention from the public, but for all the wrong reasons.

Yesterday we ran a story on how the company apologised to a business man after attempting to cover up their failure to deliver his flyers after the man paid S$7, 000 for the service.

If that is not bad enough, the company has also been receiving myriad of complaints from Singaporeans after their postmen leave delivery-failure notice in their doorsteps even though someone is at home to receive the parcel.

In response to these events, SingPost took their Facebook page yesterday (14 January) to apologise for the inconvenienced that they’ve caused to the public. As such, they are taking a serious look at the issues that have surfaced and are finding ways to improve on them, immediately.

The mail company went on further to explain the background story for their service deterioration.

“The November-December peak season was a tremendously busy period for our staff members. Due to the increased package volumes – which were beyond forecast and expectations – our postmen have had to make an average of an additional doorstep deliveries daily,” SingPost explained.

They added, “All postmen and delivery staff are also working beyond their usual hours to help process and support these volumes. We hired extra resources, recalled personnel and activated teams from the corporate office on Saturdays just to meet the demand as well but our service quality still suffered as a result.”

However, due to the action of some of their employees who may not act in the best interest of the company, they have experienced service failures. This badly reflects the organisation and undermines the hard-work, commitment and dedication of the majority of their Postal staffs.

In spite of that, they understand that this is not an excuse for the issues that have been raised and they are now focused on rebuilding the trust that they’ve safeguarded for the last 160 years.

“We assure you that we will be vigorous in reviewing and revising our operational procedures, so that you will receive your letters, package and parcels without delay, without hassle, and most importantly, without frustration,” SingPost concluded.


Despite their apology and explanation on the situation, netizens are not willing to accept it and noted that these incidents have been happening for years, and not just in the last couple of months.

Facebook user Jonathan Lau said that he rejects their explanation and stated that he wrote to them in July ’18 showing the CCTV footage of their driver dropping a failed delivery notice without ringing the bell. However, the company didn’t bother explaining why the postman didn’t attempt the delivery by at least ringing the bell. He then said that SingPost has a major issue coping with the increased mail traffic from e-commerce deliveries and they push their mailmen hard and expects impossible delivery timelines. “Your unwillingness to take ownership of your issues is your core problem and also the reason why I’ve sold your stock and decided against singing up with Singtel,” he concluded.

Tan Lynette also opines that this issue has been going on for years and they have a major explanation to do for all the incidents that have been happening, including when she received a notification that her package was delivered and signed for, but in reality she never received it.

Both Jonathan Wong Loke Tat and Lilian Mao also said that this is not a new issue and SingPost shouldn’t blame the November/December peak season. This has been going on for years and they refuse to do anything about it.

Tama Ko feels that SingPost should stop giving excuses and should fix their lazy postman and customer service.

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