Retired banker Chris Kuan questions SingPost’s “peak season” excuse

In response to SingPost’s public apology over their shortcomings in recent months, regular finance commentator and retired banker Chris Kuan questioned their excuse of saying “peak season” is the reason why they have been slacking in their service.

Releasing a statement on their Facebook page yesterday (14 January), SingPost revealed that the November-December peak season was extremely busy for them due to the increased package volumes – which were beyond their forecast and expectations. As such, they hired extra resources, recalled personnel and activated teams from the corporate office on Saturdays just to meet the demands, but their service quality still suffered as a result.

Reading their lengthy explanation regarding this matter, Mr Kuan then took his Facebook page to question their “peak season” excuse.

He wrote, “Dare one ask if peak season all year round?…Coping with seasonal demand is down to operational competence.”

He added that SingPost’s explanation didn’t even address the “lapses” in investigating the flyer complaint. Mr Kuan is referring to the case where SingPost tried to dupe a business owner who engaged their service to distribute his flyers for S$7, 000. However, the mail company didn’t send out the flyers and tried cheating the businessman into believing that the flyers were indeed sent out.

Besides that, he also wondered if the bar to enter senior management is that low in Singapore.

“Yours truly always felt well compensated in his old job, maybe yours truly should now feel poorly paid by comparison,” he concluded.