Netizens want to know who will pay for the Trump-Kim summit if it comes to Singapore

The second summit between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is set to happen soon and Singapore is one of the shortlisted venues, along with Vietnam.

On Sunday, Trump revealed that the US is already ‘negotiating a location’ for the summit which he expects will take place early this year. To make things convenient, both Singapore and Vietnam have North Korean embassies that can run a team to prepare for the summit.

Last year, Singapore played host to the first Trump-Kim summit in June which caused a huge media frenzy, and it is said that Singapore spent S$16.3 million to carry out the summit.

However, many netizens are hoping that this year’s summit will not be held in Singapore as they don’t want to be paying for it.

If Singapore is picked to host for the second time, many questioned who will be paying for it and suggested the US government should be the one forking out the money this time around.