Daily Archives: 2018-12-29

Resigned SBS Transit CEO alleged caught having affairs with subordinates by private investigator company

It was reported in the Straits Times yesterday that SBS Transit CEO Gan Juay Kiat has tendered his resignation to take responsibility for a “personal indiscretion” (“SBS Transit CEO Gan Juay Kiat resigns over ‘personal indiscretion’“,28 Dec). Gan, a former President and SAF scholar has been with the ComfortDelGro-owned transport group for 11 years. He is married with grown-up children …

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What happens when the little man fights back

I think it would be fair to say that most Singaporeans are unsurprised by the Singapore government or members of the Singapore government suing its own citizens. Ranging from the late JBJ to Tang Liang Hong (Tang), Dr. Chee Soon Juan (Chee), our nation’s short history is unfortunately replete with examples of what could arguably be construed as litigious behaviour …

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Another ‘paper’ general?

by James Lee Ever since the news broke that Brigade General Goh Si Hou would be promoted to Major General in 1st Jan 2019, this term ‘paper general’ has become the buzzword of Singapore, more than perhaps the unfortunate cyclist Eric Cheung. This post is not to criticize Goh or his achievements. It does not take a genius to realise …

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