Netizens rubbish the claim by TODAYonline that readers were divided on views regarding incident where cyclist got sideswiped by lorry at Pasir Ris

On 22nd December, a video of a lorry knocking over a cyclist went viral online and it triggered a fiery debate on whose mistake was it.

As reported by TODAYonline, the video was originally uploaded on – a website that runs with user-submitted videos – and it began by showing two cyclists on the road, with one hogging the lane in front of the lorry, causing the lorry to honk at him.

After stopping at a traffic junction, the cyclist continued to wait at the middle of the lane and refused to budge to the side. After moving a few metres, he finally shifted to the left side of the road but retaliated by hitting the left side of the lorry with his hand, causing it to fall off.

The lorry driver immediately reacted by swerving into the cyclist, knocking him off his bicycle and onto the grass area next to the road. The other cyclist on location was seen stopping to help the rider.

Media reports said that the cyclist suffered redness on his arms but refused to be taken to the hospital.

However, the article by TODAYonline stated that “netizens who commented on the video disagreed over who was at fault in the incident. Some asked if it was right for the cyclist to get rowdy and felt that that the lorry driver was not at fault, while others said that the driver’s action was dangerous – regardless of the provocation – and could have resulted in more serious consequences.”

Despite the news site’s claim that netizens were divided over who was at fault in this incident, many online users rubbish their claim when the story was uploaded on TODAYonline’s Facebook page.

The majority of the readers disagreed with the site and said that they’re not “divided” on who is wrong in this traffic incident.

Facebook user Roman Stige said that readers are not divided in terms of their opinion. He went on further to say “your subsequent sentences indicate one common point: that readers/viewers feel that the cyclist is at fault. So why the choice of the word ‘undivided’? This reporter needs to take a writing course conducted by Bertha Henson”.

Another user also agreed with Stige and said that 99% of the people told that it’s the cyclist’s fault so they’re not divided on this matter. He went on to claim that the original comments on was removed and replaced with their own comments so it will seem like the netizens’ opinions were “divided”.

Sem Chong also opines that TODAYonline’s claim is fake and he don’t understand “what media is trying to portray themselves.”

As a matter of fact, many readers are certain on whose mistake was it and they all point their fingers to the cyclist.

Zahareen Zainal Abidin revealed that as a cyclist in the 70s, he always cycle in a single row even when the traffic is less, contrary to the cyclists these days. He said, “The cyclist deserves what had happened to him. I myself feel frustrated when experienced with those kind of cyclists. Thinking the road belongs to them.”

Another user suggested to band together and support the lawyer fee of the lorry driver if he gets in trouble with the law for this incident.