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Worms founds in water supply at Ang Mo Kio

A worm was found in water at Block 472, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. A resident told Shin Min Daily News that her maid had seen a worm in the water that came out of the tap when she was washing a child’s milk bottle earlier this month on 6th December. The maid then told the Chinese newspaper that she thought …

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Advisory on harassment act adopted by unlicensed moneylenders using unsuspecting persons or businesses

The Police warns members of public with its observation of the prevalence of several forms of harassment acts adopted by unlicensed moneylenders (UMLs), generally involve getting unsuspecting person(s) or businesses to harass debtors. The police said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (18 December) that on some cases, potential borrowers would be directed to a given address belonging to a …

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Smoothen rough edges for future open mobilisations

by Seashell, It was heartening to see the operational readiness of Singaporean men some weekends ago, with most air force servicemen reporting back to their air bases within a few hours of activation I shall not speculate whether this open mobilisation was due to the ongoing dispute between Singapore and Malaysia or it was pre-planned. One will not know unless you …

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Singapore netizens sense ulterior motive to Malaysia’s ban of fish export in Jan-Feb 2019 though ban extends to all trade partners

The Malaysia government has announced that they will be seizing the export of four species of wild-caught fish and shrimp in order to cater for the inevitable shortage in the local market during the monsoon and festive seasons. Malaysian Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Salahuddin Ayub said on Monday at that mackerel (kembung), trevally (selar), Indian mackerel (pelaling), and pomfret …

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Infrastructure Protection Act (IPA) to take effect from 18 Dec, no unauthorised photography and videography of Protected Areas (PAs) or Protected Places (PPs)

The Infrastructure Protection Act (IPA), which is touted to be part of counter-terrorism strategy to protect Singapore’s critical infrastructure, and buildings that are iconic or have high public footfall, will take effect from 18 Dec 2018. The Act was passed in Parliament on 2 October 2017. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) stated in a press release that new buildings …

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