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Three Christmas gifts for kids that are actually good for parents too

by ValueChampion

Are you still trying to figure out what to get for your kids this Christmas? Here are 3 gift ideas your kids will love and are actually useful for you too!

Christmas is just around the corner, and young parents should start thinking about what they want to get for their kids, if they haven’t already. While most parents might be thinking about getting things like toys and dolls that their kids will like, wouldn’t it be even better if their Christmas presents are actually helpful for the parents too? Below, we share 3 types of Christmas presents that kids will love, but are also beneficial for the parents too.

Vacuums & Swiffers

Only a few weeks ago, a curious news made headlines globally: kids are in love with a toy vacuum from Dyson. Indeed, the Amazon listing for this product is filled with reviews from parents who are raving about how their kids are absolutely “obsessed” with this vacuum. Apparently, kids are dying to help their parents clean their house! The only catch, however, is that this vacuum really is a toy and has suction power that’s barely strong enough for dust and papers.

But, there’s still hope for parents who could use an extra pair of hands for house chores. Now that we know that kids love vacuum machines and helping their parents out, why not get them cool looking vacuums that are short and light enough for them to handle? It’s almost like getting them a toy that actually works! There are plenty of portable or handheld vacuums that weigh about 1.5kg, can be shrinkable for kids and cost only about S$30 to S$50. In fact, many moms already shrink their swiffers to “trick” their children into helping them mop the floor as a playtime!

Pinkfong Beam Projector

If you have a kid and a smartphone, then you already probably know how much kids love watching Youtube videos. In fact, it’s very common nowadays to see parents eating at restaurants (and probably even at home) while keeping their kids “busy” with their smartphones. But what if parents could show fun videos with songs that kids love in a way that also makes kids more active (instead of sitting still with a phone in their hands)? A company in Korea has actually created a franchise called “Pinkfong” with thousands of children-friendly songs and videos with cute characters and dances that kids love to follow along.

Not only that, they now have a portable beam projector that can play these videos anywhere. Although they are still only sold in Korea and the US, getting a hold of an English version of these devices could be a way for parents to get their smartphones back, make their children extremely happy with all of their favorite songs and videos and get them off their butts with rhythmic dances.

Games & Puzzles

For older kids, games and puzzles can be a great gift for the holiday. Games, especially board games like Risk or Monopoly that require strategic thinking and problem solving, have been known to help improve cognitive skills, while they can also help them develop social skills.

Not only that, parents can also enjoy playing these games with their children for a quality family time, while also feeling good about helping their children develop problem solving skills.

Killing Three Birds with One Stone

Recently, I heard a rather surprising story: when a dad asked his son what he wanted for Christmas, his son came back with an Amazon link to a gaming laptop that cost S$4,500. If you are able to easily afford such a gift for your child, good for you!

But, going overboard with holiday gifts and spending beyond your means just to make your kids happy isn’t the best strategy; if you go down this path, you might end up with a pretty big financial hangover in January (in which case, one of these debt consolidation plans might prove to be useful). Instead, these 3 Christmas gifts we discussed are all proven to be loved by children while also being extremely useful for the parents too.

Not only that, they are generally quite affordable, effectively killing 3 birds with 1 stone. Not only that, you can even get further savings by using a rewards credit card by earning miles or cashback to make your purchases. What more could you ask for in a Christmas gift idea?

Do you have any ingenious Christmas gift ideas for your children too? Please share with us and our community in the comments section below!

This was first published at Value Champion’s website, “3 Christmas Gifts for Kids That Are Actually Good for Parents Too“.