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How much did GIC actually lose investing in Nielsen?

On Thursday (8 Nov), Straits Times published a news report today saying that it “continues to be Singapore’s best read newspaper”. Quoting the latest annual Singapore Media Index Report released by Nielsen, ST said that 29.8 per cent of Singapore residents aged 15 and above read ST everyday. Nielsen had polled 4,688 people aged 15 and above in its survey. …

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What makes sharing of photographs of the accident on social media so reprehensible that a police report has to be filed?

According to news reports, five national servicemen have had police reports filed against them for allegedly sharing unauthorised photographs of an accident which occurred in a training exercise which resulted in the death of a fellow national serviceman on social media websites. While I understand the sensitivities of publicising photographs involving army apparatus, it is imperative to weigh the harm …

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MinLaw: Facebook’s refusal to take down post shows why legislation is needed to protect Singapore from Deliberate Online Falsehood

Ministry of Law has shared that Facebook declined to take down the controversial States Times Review (STR) article which it says is “clearly false, defamatory and attacks Singapore, using falsehoods.” MinLaw said in its press release on Friday, “This shows why we need legislation to protect us from deliberate online falsehoods.” The STR article,”Lee Hsien Loong becomes 1MDB’s key investigation target” which …

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States Times Review blocked by IMDA after refusing to take down “misleading” and “erroneous” article

For some trying to access States Times Review from their devices, they are now greeted with a blank screen that states, “The website that you are trying to access is unavailable as it contains prohibited material.” The social-political site which is based in Australia had earlier been ordered to take down an article entitled, “Lee Hsien Loong becomes 1MDB’s key investigation …

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New parking standards for private developments from February 2019

A new Range-based Parking Provision Standards (RPPS) will be introduced  from 1 February 2019, to replace the existing Car Parking Standards (CPS) and Range-based Car Parking Standards (RCPS) in line with Singapore’s move towards a car-lite society. This was announced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Friday (9 November), stating that the revised parking standards will accord developers greater flexibility in managing parking …

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The ISD, Dr Chee, and Gandhi Ambalam walk into a restaurant

Below is a humorous anecdote of how Dr Chee first met the late Gandhi Ambalam, SDP’s former chair and long-time member, who recently passed away. Dr Chee first shared this story at Mr Gandhi’s funeral at Mandai Crematorium, and it was subsequently published at yoursdp.org. We reproduce it full here with permission. I received a call one evening and the …

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