Following the display of fireworks near Little India on Tuesday (6 Nov), two men, aged 29 and 48, were arrested for purportedly setting off the fireworks along Gloucester Road around midnight.

A video showing the display of fireworks, which has since been removed from the page, was posted on SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook page with the following description:

illegal fireworks being set off at race course road

singapore police officers can be seen rushing towards the scene

by the way.
happy diwali from sg road vigilante

Investigations are currently ongoing.

Under the Dangerous Fireworks Act 1972, the use of fireworks is banned in Singapore, except in certain occasions where the necessary safety precautions have been observed and put in place.

Should the two men be found guilty of setting off the fireworks, they will be sentenced to a fine of between S$2,000 and S$10,000, and a jail term of up to two years.

In a press release on Saturday (3 Nov), three days before the incident near Little India took place, the Singapore Police Force issued a warning against setting off fireworks and any other “acts and devices are potential fire hazards which cause undue danger and alarm to the public”:

The Police take a serious view of anyone who sets off improvised explosive devices constructed using sparklers. Such acts and devices are potential fire hazards which cause undue danger and alarm to the public.

Anyone caught setting off improvised explosive devices is liable to an offence of negligent conduct with respect to explosive substances under Section 286 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, punishable by imprisonment of one year or fine up to $5,000

Should the act lead to any hurt caused, one may be liable to prosecution for voluntarily causing hurt with heated or explosive substances under Section 324 of the Penal Code. If convicted, the offender will be liable to an imprisonment term which may extend to 7 years, or with fine, or with caning, or with any combination of such punishments.

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