Daily Archives: 2018-11-06

Josephine Teo: My progressive wage model is superior to minimum wage scheme

At a recent IPS conference, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo talked about the superiority of the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) conceived by her government in uplifting the low wage workers in Singapore. “The recent debate on wage inequality points to a deeper sense of social fairness that wants to see everyone progress together. More than handouts, we want a ‘hand-up’,” she …

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The 7 kinds of property investor animals

I totally enjoy the new property workshop on Finding and Managing Residential Rental Properties held last Sunday at the National Library. The participants were seated in cluster groups to facilitate interactions and discussions. We started by introducing ourselves to everyone and identified our property investing style with different animals. In general, there are seven common types of investor animals in …

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SingPost launches SmartPost; unveils next-generation logistics platform LaMP in digital transformation

Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) has launched its SmartPost suite of postal solutions and unveiled its latest next-generation logistics platform LaMP which is touted to bring greater convenience, flexibility and control to customers today and of the future on Monday (5 November). SingPost stated that its digitalisation of Singapore’s postal operations, has gone ‘live’ with all of SingPost’s 1,000 postmen and …

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It is the opposition’s role to question and the incumbent’s role to heed the questions and come up with the solutions

Being concerned with rising living costs and stagnant wages in any society is a very legitimate concern. It is therefore surprising that a fellow citizen has seemingly dismissed these valid worries as “populist”. In his letter, a writer by the name of Sean Lim Wei Xin (Sean) has criticised opposition politician Lim Tean of making invalid promises in his Facebook …

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