Lim Tean’s new party to fix Singaporeans’ woes

Lim Tean’s new party to fix Singaporeans’ woes

Since Monday (29 Oct), social media was alive with news of Lim Tean finally able to form a new political party named Peoples Voice. Mr Lim has been actively helping to highlight the plight of Singaporeans and criticising some of the ill-conceived PAP government’s policies through social media.

In his Facebook video published on Monday, the politician announced the official debut of his party Peoples Voice. He also revealed what he would be championing on behalf of Singaporeans:

  • Return CPF at age 55
  • No increase of GST to 9%
  • Make basic goods zero GST – baby milk, diapers, rice, books, etc
  • Slash Prime Minister’s pay by 70%
  • Introduce a Living Wage
  • Bring in Direct Democracy involving Referendums
  • Look into the accounts of Temasek and GIC
  • Address the HDB issues
  • Call for a Referendum to overturn the Elected Presidency and cast fresh votes for a new one
  • Break-up the monopolies that do not serve Singaporeans (Real Estate, Telco’s, Banks, Supermarkets etc)
  • Protect Singaporeans’ jobs
  • Scrap the PAP’s march towards a 10 million population
  • Examine recent water, electric and transport hikes and dial back and reduce where necessary

In 3 days, his Facebook video has garnered 727 Comments, 3441 Shares and 163K Views.

No interest to talk to mainstream media

In his popular YouTube video’s titled Lim Tean Unleashed, he refers to the alternative media as “the preferred media”.

Lim Tean, who is a lawyer, told TOC, “I have no interest in talking with the likes of Today or Straits Times. Even if their journalists have a desire to give another opinion that differs from the government, they are unable to freely do so. I have no desire to play a game of neutered speech, and with Social Media there is no need to even pretend to.”

Indeed, it was recently found that a political editor of Straits Times had allegedly been “reassigned” after SPH received complaints from government officials over her reporting not to their “liking”.

But Lim Tean said, “Under a Peoples Voice government, all journalists would be free to excel in their skills and write with integrity, there would be freedom of press. Journalists should serve the public interest.”

Elaborating on his party’s structure, he shared, “The entire structure of the party is different; from the way the party is set up with a Shadow Cabinet as the central engine rather than a CEC, scrapping of the position Secretary-General and replacing with Party Leader, and creating a ground-up co-creation policy route so that everyone can be empowered to create the changes they foresee.”

When asked if he has been contacted by anyone from the mainstream media, he replied, “I have had calls from MSM asking for information. I am very clear that I have no interest in dealing with the Singapore MSM as they stand today. Therefore, all questions from them I request via email only.”

“I am equally clear that the preferred online media of Singapore – what some call the alternative media – is the only avenue that I admire and respect because it is democratically driven by the real people of Singapore who can engage, leave comments and share, unlike the one-way streets of the government’s media,” he added.

“Only a democratic news service such as the preferred online media will serve the people of Singapore the best.”

Indeed, on some of the MSM news site, they even removed the comment section, probably out of fear that Singaporeans would leave messages, again, not to the “liking” of government officials.

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