Daily Archives: 2018-10-28

Seems like it is Malaysia’s turn to look upon Singapore with disdain

The roles have definitely switched between the two countries. There has always been an element of friendly rivalry between Singapore and Malaysia. Both countries (because of their cultural similarities) have always competed over who holds the best recipe for chicken rice or whose hawker culture is more authentic and the list goes on. Like it or not, many Singaporeans have …

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Implementation of minimum wage in Singapore impractical for employers, may encourage unemployment: Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo

The prospect of implementing a uniform minimum wage in Singapore remains impractical, as doing so would corner employers into paying their workers a higher salary than the market rate, producing the effect of a “tax” on employment, said Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo on Friday (26 Oct). Speaking at a panel discussion at the Institute of Policy Studies’ 30th Anniversary conference …

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With LKY now gone, will dissension become even more common?

I think it would be fair to say that when the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) was alive, those within the ranks of the Peoples’ Action Party (PAP), those who worked within the civil service and people affiliated with the PAP run government presented a united front. They appeared to seamlessly toe the party line with no hint of …

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What kind of image is the Singapore government hoping to cultivate?

Hosting a well known dictator (including paying for his accommodation and expenses while he and his entourage were in Singapore), displaying a flagrant disregard for human life by pressing ahead with controversial hangings, a high profile law suit involving the top brass of Singapore’s leading opposition party on arguably pointless grounds and cracking down harshly on individuals with no political …

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ST Editor-in-Chief: No space to print Cherian George’s photo in papers

Yesterday (27 Oct), Ambassador-at-Large Prof Tommy Koh wrote a stinging Facebook post lambasting Straits Times (ST) for biased reporting of the IPS Forum which took place on Thu and Fri (25-26 Oct). “I participated actively and happily in the 30th anniversary dinner and conference of IPS on Thursday and Friday. Both events were very successful. I salute IPS director Janadas …

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