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Meteorological Service Singapore: More rainy days on October

Singaporeans can expect thundery showers mostly in the afternoon on six to eight days of October in exchange of the dry and warm days that happen in the last couple of weeks.

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) stated the daily temperature is forecast to range between 25 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius on most days.

The met service then said that the maximum temperature is expected to be around 34 deg C on a few days when there is little or no rainfall.

Overall, the rainfall for the first fortnight of October is expected to be near-normal, it added.

The authority noted the dry and warm weather conditions have been around since mid-September as the result of south-west monsoon conditions with low level winds blowing from the southeast or south.

These are expected to gradually weaken in the first fortnight of October, it said.

The meteorological service also said that in the second half of September, the daily maximum temperature recorded hit a high of 35.2 degrees Celsius.