Malaysian telco Maxis suspends manager after viral video shows her screaming at pregnant employee

A Maxis employee in Malaysia, believed to be a manager, has been suspended following a viral video that shows her yelling two people who appear to be her staff, one of whom is pregnant.

The video which was posted on a Facebook page called ‘Malaysia News Station’ on 29th September shows the woman stepping close to the other two individuals and yelling loudly at them while waging a threatening finger in their faces.

The woman seems to be upset that her staff failed to do what she has asked them to do and for not meeting their monthly quotas.

‘Look at me. Do you want to get fired? Why can’t you do when I ask you to do?’ she yelled at one person before turning to the other, pregnant employee to continue yelling, ‘What are you good at?’

The video, which has been shared over 3.6k times has caused outrage from the public over the woman’s actions. Some netizens are even calling for her to be fired.

On the other hand, there was no shortage of support either for the manager with many comments pointing out that the 1 minute 37 seconds video doesn’t show what happened before to have caused the manager to go off on her staff like that. Many users pointed out that being a manager is stressful and we can’t really know just what kind of pressure she is under from her own superiors.

That’s a load of rubbish, in my opinion. Yelling at your staff is absolutely unprofessional and uncalled for in any situation, especially when you’re a superior. A manager is supposed to be a leader and a person who can bring out the best in their team to increase productivity. Yelling at them is never the solution and this woman’s behaviour is unacceptable and tantamount to abuse.

After the video went viral, Maxis issued a tweet on their official account to announced that the woman in question has been suspended indefinitely while an investigation is conducted.

They followed up with another tweet to say that they’ve reached out to the two staffers to express their ‘regret over the incident’ and clarified their company values

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