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New NMP clarifies misunderstanding over 2012 dishwasher fiasco

Back in 2012, Sakae Sushi founder Douglass Foo found himself in the spotlight after making a comment about the difficulties of finding a dishwasher even after offering a salary of S$3,000 per month. There was controversy about the details of the employment which led to an uproar from the public. When asked about this in an interview with The Online …

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NMPs do not dilute the idea of democracy: Impending NMP appointee Douglas Foo

Douglas Foo, the founder of Sakae Sushi, a multiple award-winning sushi chain in Singapore, spoke to TOC about his journey to success in the business world, and laid out his vision towards policymaking, in anticipation of his appointment as one of the nine new Nominated Members of Parliament (NMPs), which will take place on Monday (1 Oct). Mr Foo, who is …

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SingCERTS might serve its purposes better by focusing on Singapore

According to reports, the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) has issued an advisory in relation to a hacking incident at Facebook. On its web page, SingCERT professes that it was set up to facilitate the detection, resolution and prevention of cyber security related incidents on the Internet. On the face of things therefore, SingCERT is just doing its duty by …

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Nearly 50 million Facebook accounts hacked due to existing vulnerability on platform

Facebook users were shocked as the news spread about how nearly 50 million Facebook accounts were compromised by an attack that gave hackers the ability to take over users’ accounts. Social-media giant, Facebook shared that its company’s engineers discovered the breach on Tuesday (25 September). In a blog post, Facebook stated that a vulnerability in the site’s “View As” feature, which …

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IPS releases 2-yr-old survey results endorsing Minister Ong’s view 1 week after he said to bring in more FT

In an interview with Bloomberg on 19 Sep, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said Singapore needs to bring in foreign talent in areas including software programming while the country re-balances its education system to meet future demands. “Talent is very short everywhere in the world – AI talent, software programmers,” Minister Ong said. “We let them in because we require …

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