Daily Archives: 2018-09-14

Marital immunity for rape rooted in archaic colonial laws, incompatible with modern society’s morality: No To Rape Campaign activists

At the heels of the release of a report by the Penal Code Review Committee, part of which contains recommendations that will potentially remove husbands’ marital immunity against charges of raping their wives, activists and founders of the No To Rape Campaign have raised questions regarding the law’s seemingly slow progress in reflecting the values of society today. In a …

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Unemployment in Singapore rises, while retrenchments grow by more than 30% in Q218

According to MOM figures released on Thursday (13 Sep), Singapore’s labour market showed signs of slowing down. The second quarter of 2018 (Q2 2018) saw both higher unemployment and more retrenchments. The number of retrenchments rose by a staggering 30% to 3,030, as compared to 2,320 in the previous quarter. According to MOM, the top reasons for retrenchment are business …

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