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Going by the past four months, you would think that sinister forces are conniving to deal the PAP a bad hand

It started in May with the Malaysian tsunami. The fall of Barisan Nasional after almost 60 years in power sent shockwaves which reverberated across the causeway. It uplifted Malaysians and gave Singaporeans renewed hope and expectancy. Will there be a domino effect precipitating a Singapore tsunami? It must have scared the hell out of the People’s Action Party because they …

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How much does it cost to send your children to a university abroad?

by ValuePenguin Studying at a university abroad offers students a great opportunity to gain foreign language skills, exposure to other cultures and even international work experience. With that said, studying overseas can be very expensive. We set out to determine about how much it would cost to send your child to some of the best universities outside of Singapore. A recent …

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Top travel destinations of 2018: How much will they cost you?

by ValuePenguin Lonely Planet always has great recommendations for your next travel destinations. But how much will these trips actually cost for Singaporeans? We did a little bit of research to find out. The popular online travel guide Lonely Planet has released its Top Travel Destinations for 2018 guide and the results couldn’t be more exciting. Destinations included everything from Singaporean favourites such …

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Collection of NRIC numbers and photocopying of identity cards to be made illegal starting 1 Sep next year

Amendments made by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) to rules regarding National Registration Identity Cards (NRIC) will prohibit organisations from collecting, using, or disclosing their customers’ NRIC and other national identification numbers except in cases where it is required by law to do so, or if the situation necessitates full identification such as in cases of medical emergency. In …

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Minister Vivan fails miserably in his “social enterprise” hawker centre initiative with runaway rentals

Hawker centres run by social enterprises to help make hawker food affordable was in fact discussed in Parliament by then Environment and Water Resources Minister Vivian Balakrishnan way back in 2012. At a Parliamentary debate on 6 Mar 2012, Vivian told the House, “We intend to accept the recommendations (by Hawker Centre Public Consultation Panel) and the management of the …

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