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Elderly angry with Singapore authorities over Noble Group debacle

Bloomberg published a news report today (“I Was Cheated” – Tales From the Collapse of a Commodity Giant, 26 Aug) highlighting a 71-year-old Francis Tay, ex-civil servant, condemning the Singapore authorities over the crash of share prices of Noble Group Ltd. Mr Tay said he feels “cheated”. He has lost almost S$50,000 of his retirement savings in the implosion of …

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PM Lee’s declarations of commitment to the intangible values of multiculturalism and intolerance towards corruption do not stack up with reality

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) has said that the government is committed to multiculturalism, intolerance towards corruption, and acceptance of National Service (NS) because these are a”common and necessary sacrifice”. He further noted that these qualities are part of some of the intangible values that “hold us together as one people”. While I believe that these should indeed be …

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PAP’s plan from First World to Third World

by Goh Meng Seng There was a massive outcry over Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally on his ‘advice’ on how to adjust to the rising cost of living. The best weapon against rising cost of living is to increase our salaries. However, despite People’s Action Party’s boast about higher growth of Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the …

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ST Editor panicked over ground sourness urges PAP 4G leaders to do something

Former ST Editor-in-Chief Han Fook Kwang who is now an Editor-at-Large wrote an article today (‘Is the ground sour? Time to tackle it‘, 26 Aug) highlighting the growing sourness and grumbling on the ground. “There seems to be a certain sourness on the ground, with more grumbling than usual about issues especially to do with the Government,” Mr Han observed. …

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