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Nikkei Asian Review names China as the suspect behind cyber-attack on SingHealth

The prestigious Nikkei Asian Review has named China as the suspect behind last month’s cyber-hacking of Singapore’s SingHealth computer systems (‘Suspected China cyberhack on Singapore is a wake-up call for Asia‘, 21 Aug). Personal information of some 1.5 million patients was stolen from SingHealth, Singapore’s largest public healthcare provider, in July last month. “I am personally affected, and not just …

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Crazy Rich Asians delivers on the promise of lavishness and love

First thing’s first, I haven’t read the book originally written by Kevin Kwan, so I can’t make comparisons or tell you how faithful the movie is to the original. However, I can tell you that Crazy Rich Asians the movie is colourful, extravagant, dramatic and filled to the brim with ridiculous antics of the disgustingly wealthy. The movie is also …

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Grab invests in new electric vehicle fleet, enabled by SP Group’s fast-charging DC network

Grab and SP Group (SP) today announced a strategic partnership in which Grab will bring in 200 new fast-charging electric vehicles (EVs) and use SP’s pervasive fast-charging network, which will deliver greater cost savings for driver-partners. The new fleet will be progressively rolled out in Singapore from early 2019. Driver-partners on this new model will enjoy preferential EV charging rates …

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Six free or cheap healthy habits everyone can benefit from

by ValuePenguin Feeling like you’re not your best self? Read on find out some of the best health habits to form to get you back on track to a healthy lifestyle. When we think of wellness and health advice advertised to women, we often see advertisements for expensive spa treatments, luxury gym classes and overpriced but under researched health supplements. However, …

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Has the PAP government pressed the panic button,  announcing a new policy without having worked out any details whatsoever?

You’ve seen posters, bumper stickers, T-shirts and all kinds of merchandise with the words, Keep Calm and Keep Walking. For those of us who thought that the People’s Action Party would always Keep Calm and Keep Walking, it’s time to do a rethink. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the Voluntary Early Redevelopment Scheme (VERS) at the National Day rally …

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While NS can be juggled with professional training, must it be so difficult?

I get it that National Service can be juggled with professional sports training. Anything is theoretically possible. The point however is not whether it is possible or not. Rather, the issue is whether it should be made so difficult in the first place. The issue with NS and professional sport has recently taken national spotlight as a result of Mindef’s …

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