Daily Archives: 2018-08-15

Why did we reject Ben Davis’ deferment?

by Shiro There is this strange assumption in Singapore that scholars earn money and pride for the country, and sportsmen don’t. I can tell. Whereas in the United Kingdom a single prodigy seems to be worth bending the rules to get him a passport (Shreyas Royal), it appears that our government doesn’t want to give the same respect offered to …

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Coalition of convenience will not make minor opposition parties electable

by Ajay While I support the opposition cause, I am not impressed by this so-called coalition. Besides the Singapore Democratic Party, the other opposition parties in the coalition are minor parties that rarely show up between elections and consistently perform the worst. For this reason, I agree with Derek da Cunha’s view that mixing with this group will not do Dr …

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The people’s voice or the PAP’s voice?

By Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss The troubling spectre of elderly Singaporeans doing menial jobs like cleaning toilets, pushing rubbish carts, collecting cardboards and wiping tables at hawker centres, has become all too common these days and doubtless weighs heavy on the minds and conscience of many Singaporeans. Financial Support for the Elderly Poor Voicing questions which I believe many of us have, …

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