photo: govinsider-asia

Total national systemic overhaul to deal with the pains of aging

by Khush Chopra


According to the Straits Times:

“As Singapore’s population ages rapidly, there is urgency to step up solid studies on ageing to pinpoint factors that cause distress, so that effective remedial action can be taken.”

We don’t need further “studies” to understand what ails our elderly. We all know what the problem is. They have insufficient money, savings, assets and care to deal with the pains of aging; leading bleak and unhappy lives. We don’t need further research. We need action and we need it now.

We need to change our way of life. We need a total systemic overhaul in setting new priorities to achieve a better quality of life for all.

We live in a beautiful country with generally superb infrastructure but have very unhappy people. The PAP Government has done a good job in beautifying the country but a dismal job in raising our quality of life. What’s the point of beautiful shopping centres and gardens when the people feel so oppressed?

In terms of providing care for their elderly, our young are burdened with low incomes and no time as they are mainly dual-income households trying to balance work, kids and their elderly. This is one big part of the problem.

While dual-income families are bringing in more money, they’re paying for it in other ways. Two parents working full-time means a family has more money but less time. Dual-career couples in Singapore struggle to juggle work and family.