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Ho Kwon Ping says that PAP will not suffer same fate as UMNO, but academics think otherwise

Speaking at an OCBC Forum entitled Singapore Politics and Business in an Age of Disruption (12 Jul), Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Ho Kwon Ping said that the Singapore government is aware of the “jibes made against us and our political system” by the Malaysians. However, this “may not be applicable in totality”. He was a referring to an earlier comment made by Malaysian PM …

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The irony of investing $25 million into cannabis research

As Singapore announces a new $25-million Synthetic Biology Research and Development (R&D) programme to study the sustainable production of medicinal cannabinoids, 6 youths have been arrested for the possession of cannabis. While the new research programme into cannabinoids is hailed as groundbreaking science which will help boost Singapore’s research into synthetic biology, these 6 youths who have been arrested will likely be …

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With 4 million people, Croatia are in World Cup Final. Singapore?

by Bobby Ng KH With a population of four million people, Croatia has defied conventional football odds, and is now in the World Cup final. On 15 July, Croatia will face France in the final after it saw off England in the semi-final. Croatia’s rise in the football standings, despite its size, war and lack of funds should serve as a …

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Foreign-owned company still in operation despite having faced prior legal action, SPF and CASE questioned by netizens over lack of action

Data Register Pte Ltd, which has duped 1,056 firms into paying a $490 “subscription fee” in November 2013, is still running its illicit operations this year, despite being slapped with 500 charges under the Companies Act and subsequently hefty fines in 2016. Earlier in 2014, the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) had also investigated Data Register over the alleged scam and …

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Is there is an concerted attempt to increase government revenue?

Judging from the recent announcements, it would appear as if the government is on a spree to increase the taxes and costs of everything. Perhaps it is nothing but pure coincidence but I wonder if there is an concerted attempt to increase government revenue? And if so, why? It has already been publicly announced that the Goods and Services Tax …

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Incorrect installation of prefabricated wall in Tampines BTO project rectified

A widely circulated WhatsApp image showing the incorrect installation of a prefabricated wall at a construction site in Tampines came to the attention of The Online Citizen on 23 June. A prefabricated wall is a structure that was assembled in a factory or any other manufacturing site, and is then transported to the construction site in a fully assembled form, …

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