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Are citizens getting more unhappy and openly critical towards PAP?

On Thursday (12 Jul),  there were 2 photos which have gone viral on social media. First, a photo emerged whereby a middle-aged man was seen at a provision store wearing a T-shirt with the words “F*** PAP”. On the same day, another picture emerged with a man on the MRT wearing a T-shirt which asked for the return of his …

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Brief disruption of train service along North East Line on Friday morning

The North East Line (NEL) train service towards Harbour Front NE1 was delayed this morning (13 Jul) due to a train fault at Outram NE3. Commuters posted about the disruption on social media, with some still thinking that NEL is operated by SMRT. Information about the breakdown was posted on Twitter platform: @SMRT_Singapore train fault on NEL line in the …

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CCTVs proven to be effective in reducing number of illegal parking offences by as much as 90% at some locations in Singapore

Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan has stated that the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras has proven to be effective in reducing the number of illegal parking offences by as much as 90% at some locations in Singapore. Mr Khaw was responding to questions filed by MP for Tanjong Pagar Ms Joan Pereira, who asked the minister how effective have the …

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Singapore’s GDP grew by 3.8 percent in second quarter of 2018

Singapore economy grew by 3.8 percent on a year-on-year basis in the second quarter of 2018, moderating from the 4.3 percent growth in the previous quarter based on advance estimates. In a press release on Friday (13 July), Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) stated that on a quarter-on-quarter seasonally-adjusted annualised basis, the economy expanded at a slower pace of …

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Report GIC returns in S$ also so that we know CPF % rates are very good & fair

If GIC reports its returns in S$ also – Singaporeans may complain less about not getting CPF interest rates that are actually good and fair I refer to the article “GIC records 3.4% long-term return above inflation” (Straits Times, Jul 13). It states that the Singapore investment company, GIC’s benchmark 20-year annualised real rate of return between April 1998 and …

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What happens when politics becomes a stepping stone to riches?

by Augustine Low Singapore stands alone on the global stage as a country which rewards its politicians and top civil servants so handsomely that it becomes a stepping stone to riches. If money could buy passion and commitment and proficiency, wouldn’t every country on earth follow the Singapore model? The hard truth is that money alone cannot be a substitute …

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