Daily Archives: 2018-07-07

What’s the follow up on the MP parking issue?

I am disappointed and somewhat surprised that the Singapore government has not responded officially in relation to the parking saga that hit headlines over the course of the last few weeks. Many social media posts have been uploaded decrying the privilege as unfair and disproportionate. On the face of things, it is manifestly unjust. An annual fee of SGD365 to …

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Will Potong Pasir SMC’s electoral boundaries be changed due to gerrymandering?

Singapore’s political landscape has always been an interesting one. We are perhaps the only country that has retained one party rule within the trappings of a technical democracy. While detractors would criticise Singapore as authoritarian, proponents would point at the “rags to riches” story that transformed Singapore from cultural backwater to a first world city. Is that really true though? …

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Does the state of football in Singapore mirror the state of leadership?

by Augustine Low Mah Bow Tan, former PAP Minister and President of the Football Association of Singapore, once set a target for the Singapore football team to reach the World Cup finals by 2010 just as how Goh Chok Tong targeted a Swiss standard of living for Singapore by 1999. But both were ill-fated and ill-conceived targets that never came …

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Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty rates and Loan to Value limits revised to prevent property bubble burst, says National Development Minister

The Singapore government has revised Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) rates and Loan-to-Value (LTV) limits on purchases made on residential property as a preventative measure against a catastrophic property bubble burst. In a joint media release by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of National Development and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, titled Raising Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty Rates and …

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