Dramatic police raid video is an exaggerated and trivialises the work of SPF

Apologies brave men in blue but I did burst out laughing when I watched the dramatic video of how the Singapore Police Force (SPF) busted a ring of illegal World Cup gamblers. I am sure the raid was very organised and all but in all honesty, the video looks like it was made solely to publicise the heroic image of the SPF much like their recruitment posters.

First questions first – why was a video made in the first place? Are the SPF in the habit of making a recording of all their exploits? Secondly, let’s put things in perspective. They busted a group of unarmed gamblers with big guns and drills. A bit of an overreaction no? Is this some kind of publicity stunt? The SPF were not exactly conducting a raid on armed terrorists but yet the raid has been publicised as if they just saved the kidnapped Israeli Olympians at the Munich Olympics.

Did they actually pay someone to make the video? The video makes the operation look dangerous. If it was so dangerous, why did the SPF risk the life of the videographer? The videographer would not have spare hands to hold a weapon so how would he have defended himself if the “dangerous criminals” were to attack him? So either, it was not dangerous but completely exaggerated or the SPF risked the life of a person.

In my view, one is not a hero for using excessive force. It is false bravado to behave as if you are a hero when you have big guns and the “criminals” only appear to have laptops. Set against the sparks from the drills, the SPF made it seem like they were running into a blazing building at the risk of their own lives to save innocent children when really, I doubt there was any risk to life or limb at all.

This video does the SPF a disservice. It trivialises their work and makes it seem like they have nothing better to do. Please can they rethink their recruitment drive.