Daily Archives: 2018-07-03

Four signs that the stock market might be peaking out

by ValuePenguin The stock market all over the world keeps going up. But will it continue? We discuss 4 troubling signs that point to possibilities of the market reversing its course. The global stock market has been on fire in the past year. Most of the major indices around the world like the S&P 500, Hang Seng Index and Nikkei 225 …

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The seedier side of “retail” in Orchard Road

Given Singapore’s recent investment in rejuvenating the lagging retail sector in Orchard road, I wonder what it would make of the “sex, spas, sleaze” also found in plain sight in Orchard Road. In paying out millions to an Aussie based consultancy firm to analyse what can be done to give Orchard Road a makeover, has the government also decided on …

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