No service along BPLRT on Saturday morning due to power failure

A day before the last of Sundays closure (all Sundays from 15 Apr to 24 Jun), the Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT) experienced train breakdown due to power fault this morning (23 Jun) .

At 5:51am, John Robert Lee shared a post from MRT Singapore Service Information that the service on BPLRT was suspended, fee bus rides are available:

John Robert Lee wrote: “For those commuting on BPLRT now, please be aware that service on the BPLRT is SUSPENDED, owing to a power failure. Free bus rides are available to replace BPLRT.”

And at 5:53am the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport informed on a tweet that no train service was available on BPLRT, due to a power fault:

There was no complain from commuters on social media, probably because it was still early and the breakdown happened on a weekend.

At 6:40am SMRT tweeted that the fault has been cleared:

According to the transport company, the closures on Sundays are meant to be part of maintenance works to improve the reliability of the beleaguered system. The works that will take place include replacing sections of the power rail and track switch components.