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To imply that opposition politicians have a better deal is woefully ignorant

Victor Lye Thiam Fatt (Lye), People's Action Party (PAP) candidate for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency in the General Election of 2015 (GE2015)stated in a Facebook  post that opposition politicians had a better a deal because while the best opposition losers were given a paid seat in Parliament as a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament  (NCMP), his team who were the best losers …

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Is the appointment of Aussie firm to rejuvenate Orchard Road the right choice?

Plans to rejuvenate Singapore's main shopping strip were recently announced with the appointment of Australian planning and strategy firm Urbis Australia to analyse what can be done to ensure Orchard Road's ongoing relevance to Singapore's retail and tourism sector. While I do not know enough about Urbis's track record to comment on their suitability, I do have questions concerning the …

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No service along BPLRT on Saturday morning due to power failure

A day before the last of Sundays closure (all Sundays from 15 Apr to 24 Jun), the Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT) experienced train breakdown due to power fault this morning (23 Jun) . At 5:51am, John Robert Lee shared a post from MRT Singapore Service Information that the service on BPLRT was suspended, fee bus rides are available: John Robert …

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What do Singaporeans mean when they say change is coming?

by Augustine Low Change is overdue! Change is coming! Change by 2020! There is the accelerated cry of change in the aftermath of the recent political tsunami in Malaysia, reinforced by festering unhappiness and resentment among a section of the population. But we ought to then ask the question: Change for what? What is the alternative for Singaporeans? In Malaysia, …

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End cheques by 2025 – yet another unnecessary deadline

What is it with the government and the setting of arbitrary timelines? In 1984, there was the deadline of achieving the Swiss standard of living by 1999. Whether this was ever achieved remains debatable and there is now no further mention of this "standard" from official channels. Does the government consider this goal achieved? Or perhaps, have we realised that …

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Singapore Airlines to transfer some jets from SilkAir to Scoot

Singapore Airlines has announced that it is expecting to transfer some jets from its regional wing SilkAir to low-cost carrier Scoot, allowing it to compete more effectively against low-cost rivals in the region, like the AirAsia Group. The plan comes after the carrier announced last month it would absorb under-performing SilkAir into the parent brand after 2020 when a programme to …

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