Next water price hike coming on 1 Jul – MCCY highlights some Singaporeans do support price hike

Last year, the government announced that water prices would be increased by 30% in 2 phases. The first increase occurred on 1 Jul last year. The next one will happen in less than 10 days’ time, on 1 Jul.

The government later published further information on its website explaining why it is increasing water prices.

It cited concerns of climate change, “Water should not become a vulnerability for Singapore. We must continue to invest in and upgrade our water system to make it more resilient. One particular emergent concern is the effect of climate change on our water supply.”

Then it also said that the costs of producing water and maintaining the water infrastructure are rising.

“In 2000, our water system cost around $500 million to operate. By 2015, the cost had risen to $1.3 billion. PUB expects to spend another $4 billion on water infrastructure from 2017 to 2021. This will include investments in NEWater and desalination factories, pipelines and pumping stations, and water reclamation plants,” it added.

“A revision of our water prices is needed to meet the higher costs of treating and supplying water. We also need to price water properly because it is a scarce resource that is not cheap to produce.”

MCCY highlighted Singaporeans in support of water price hike

So far, many Singaporeans have expressed negativity on social media with regard to the water price hike implemented by the government.

But on MCCY website, it highlighted that some Singaporeans actually do support the government in increasing water prices.

Undergraduate Malcolm Han, said, “It’s not like Singapore has a special supply of water that they just decide to make everybody pay for. Who’s going to pay for the machinery and processes to supply clean water to millions of people?”

Similarly, Stanley Alonzo thinks that in the long run, the increase is necessary for Singapore’s future and development.

The polytechnic student said, “We cannot expect everything to remain cheap. The point is, it is still affordable. Our collective financial sacrifices are why Singapore is what it is today, a completely developed nation. To maintain this, we must accept that we have to continuously make sacrifices.”

Of course, these youths have yet to form their own family and start paying bills. They may just change their minds when they have their own family and start struggling in Singapore to make ends meet in time to come.