Netizens amused over spelling error on UOB’s “distinguished” credit card frame

A Facebook user uploaded a photo of a UOB credit-card framed in a casing which raised the question amongst many netizens, of how such a huge bank cannot afford a proper copywriter to proofread its products.

Mick Price wrote on his Facebook post, “UOB Bank just launched this diamond-studded credit card yesterday for those who charge more than S$1million annually. It is presented to the customer in the form of a plaque. They should have employed a better copywriter to “extinguish” themselves from the competition!”

The casing for the credit-card wrote, “For those who value exclusivity in it’s extinguished form.”

For those who are unaware of what is wrong; The first is “it’s”, which is a short form of “it is”, which is wrongly used instead of “its”. The second is the more noticeable and appalling error, which had “distinguished” spelled as “extinguished”.

According to the UOB website, the reserve card is only available via invitation by the bank. While Mike wrote that the card is for those who charge more than S$1 million annual, another wrote that the invitation is extended to customers with S$2,000,000 in deposits/investments.

A Facebook user, Sreedharan Gopalsamy commented, “After spending S$1million on my CC, I’d need to be extinguished too.”

In response, Mick Price wrote, “Yeah… UOB will get “flamed” for it.”

Other commenters also had fun, making jokes over the mistakes.

Linus Lai wrote, “Someone’s gonna get ‘fired’ for this. Lol.”

Jevan Li wrote, “Hahaha they could be suggesting exclusivity is an “extinguished” trait, i.e. only those of extremely high SES (or no one at all) can obtain their card.”

Mike Lim wrote, “Well.. looks like whoever approved the copy writing will be extinct soon.Howard Banwell Only for dead customers I guess… And “it’s””

Izwan Jay wrote, “When u have one million to spend, I guess you do need it to extinguish the heat from swiping that card.”

Tvl Priya wrote, “So prestigious that you will Extinguish you current reserve with this card!”