Dr M meets PM Lee for only 30 min but gives Jack Ma an hour

When the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan won the general election in Malaysia on 9 May last month, PM Lee quickly went to KL on 19 May to meet and congratulate Dr Mahathir, the leader of the coalition.

However, Dr Mahathir only met him for half an hour.

According to Yahoo news, PM Lee was seen entering the Perdana Leadership Foundation building at 11am, where the meeting was held. Then at 11.30am, he was seen leaving the building after shaking hands with Dr Mahathir.

The scheduled meeting was supposed to give a chance for the two Prime Ministers to discuss bilateral ties.

Jack Ma meets with Dr Mahathir

Yesterday morning (18 Jun), Dr Mahathir met with Alibaba Group founder and executive chairman Jack Ma for 1 hour.

During the one-hour meeting, Bernama reported that both men “shared a lot of ideas and discussed how to lift more Malaysians out of poverty and support more young people and small businesses”.

“It was a very good meeting,” said Mr Ma, who was in KL to open an Alibaba office there.

Mr Ma came away surprised at the Malaysian Prime Minister’s knowledge on technology.

“I am surprised by his knowledge about technology,” Mr Ma told Bernama after his meeting with Dr Mahathir.

In addition to meeting Dr Mahathir, Mr Ma had also reportedly met with Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng over an informal dinner yesterday (17 Jun).

No such informal dinner meeting was reported between PM Lee and Malaysian Finance Minister Lim when PM Lee went to KL last month.

Mr Ma’s meeting with Dr Mahathir comes in the wake of the new Malaysian Government’s pledge to review several Beijing-backed projects initiated by the Barisan government as it looks more towards Japan for economic cooperation.

Nevertheless, Dr Mahathir has been reported as saying that the Alibaba Group’s DFTZ project would go on.

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